Activated Carbon Technologies

"Xero and Microsoft Dynamics NAV were both assessed, but then Star Business Solutions demonstrated how MYOB Greentree could bring all the manufacturing processes, inventory management, quality control and financials into one system. Having everything in one system makes the audit process a lot cleaner and gives us more traceability.”

Peta Thiel
Technical Director, Activated Carbon Technologies

Activated carbon is something that benefits us all but remains unknown to most Australians. Activated carbon is what keeps drinking water supplies clean, by filtering out contaminants. Activated Carbon Technologies supplies 90% of the carbon filtering requirements of Australia’s water treatment plants. It is also expanding its influence throughout America and Europe.

When the time came to modernise its business systems, Activated Carbon Technologies chose MYOB Greentree and Partner, Star Business Solutions.

What prompted an ERP software review?

Activated Carbon Technologies had coped for a couple of decades with separate accounting and quality control systems but realised that integrating those functions was essential to staying on top of its game.

“Every new order we created would generate a pile of paper in Excel and Word,” said ACT’s Technical Director, Peta Thiel. “We’d create a quotation, a sales order, an order acknowledgement, a delivery docket and an invoice, with most of them saying exactly the same thing.”

To an organisation with a focus on the state of the art environmental technologies, a solution that created piles of paper seemed anachronistic.

Which solutions did Activated Carbon Technologies review?

Activated Carbon Technologies had assessed the merits of both Xero and Microsoft Dynamics before Star Business Solutions demonstrated how MYOB Greentree could bring all the manufacturing processes, inventory management, quality control and financials into one system.

Other benefits of MYOB Greentree

Activated Carbon Technologies headquarters are in Melbourne, with its manufacturing and distribution centre located in Perth. It also has warehouses around Australia that stock an average of 1,000 tonnes of carbon products at any time. They supply more than a dozen different varieties and grades of carbon, that are used in a variety of applications, which includes treatment of drinking water, as well as wastewater, sewage odour control, air filtration, sugar refining and soil decontamination.

Peta Thiel has commented that “MYOB Greentree gives us that essential live visibility of everything we stock, wherever it is, which is fantastic. Having everything in one system makes the audit process a lot cleaner and gives us more traceability. We can go from quotations through to invoicing at the click of a button.”

MYOB Greentree enabled Global expansion

As with many Australian companies, Activated Carbon Technologies has global ambitions. Activated Carbon Technologies already has offices or agencies in New Zealand, Singapore and the USA, and intends to have MYOB Greentree enabled across their entire business.

Why Star Business Solutions?

As one of MYOB Greentree’s most awarded partners, Star was the obvious choice for Activated Carbon Technologies new ERP software roll out. “Their hands-on demonstration really impressed us,” Peta recalls. “We especially liked the live desktops and the Approvals & Alerts, so we can track our orders on all the different parameters, such as batch references or customers.”