AG Security Group

"MYOB Greentree offers extraordinary scope for doing anything we want to do, any way we want to do it, well into the future and Star Business Solutions have been the ideal business partner to make this happen."

Tyson O'Connell
Organisational Development Manager, AG Security Group

As South Australia’s largest security systems installation, maintenance and service provider, AG Security understands how complacent organisations are about their assets. When looking to upgrade from their current MYOB system, data security was high on their list of priorities. As their business had grown AG Security has learned the limitations of working with an entry level ERP system and the shortcomings of trying to integrate third party software solutions to fill the gaps.

Their story is not uncommon. Many small enterprises try to extend the life of their entry level ERP software beyond its useful life by adding on third party solutions, only to find it is more cost effective and efficient to proactively assess their needs and implement a new system, rather than patching problems with their current system.

Get it right the first time

Prior to the implementation of a MYOB Greentree ERP system, users entered a bare minimum of data into the system, knowing that it needed to be re-entered somewhere else in MYOB. This was an obvious area of inefficiency and an area where mistakes could easily occur.

It was determined that this process could be dramatically streamlined by learning at what point in the AG Security business transaction process it was most important to collect data and how that data could be transmitted throughout the system, to achieve the greatest efficiencies, streamline existing processes and provide the most accurate and valuable business intelligence.

We determined that the logical place to start was with a customer quote, since this is the natural beginning of the sales process. Since the MYOB Greentree CRM integrates with all financial systems, a quote can be easily converted into a job. Each job could be worked through before costs were allocated and invoices produced. Each job could also include a live profit figure to show how well the job was executed. All information associated with that job could be automatically updated without the need to re-enter it in other systems.

Since implementing this change, AG Security users are more willing to enter more important and insightful information at the start of the process, with the understanding that this information automatically migrates to other parts of the system, simplifying their jobs and improving business efficiency. AG Security is already utilising MYOB Greentree’s analysis and reporting tools to identify further improvements to customer service and business processes.

Star Business Solutions & MYOB Greentree offers outstanding scope for continuous business improvement

To really get the best return on investment and convert the move to MYOB Greentree into the best possible business outcome, Eric Marshall (AG Security’s Operations Manager) says, “we were determined to ditch the old ways and continue on a path of continuous improvement. I could see that Greentree offered great scope to achieve this.”

Although there are many other systems, which could have fitted AG Security’s business model quite well, Eric says it was MYOB Greentree’s ability to adapt to any shape, size or type of business that has really impressed him. “It struck me that the level of flexibility Greentree provides, makes it as customisable for our business as it would for say a Cool Store business. There are few, if any systems that allow this level of adaptability.”

MYOB Greentree integration with office productivity tools will improve service levels

Currently, AG Security Group is looking at the Scheduling and Calendar module, which integrates with Microsoft Office Outlook. Since the company uses this common office tool, they envisage integration with the company’s service contracts will significantly improve the scheduling of maintenance and service requests.

Since most of us log into our email first thing in the morning, each service staff member will be greeted with several reminders about what jobs need to be completed and by when. This will greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of service staff and will be “1000 times more beneficial to the company”. Eric’s confident that the company will be better able to meet its Service Level Agreement requirements, which places it well for growing this aspect of the business.

What’s the real value of a progressive business partnership with Star Business Solutions?

With the help of Star Business Solutions, AG Security has created a test system, which is where Eric says they “play”. This has enabled them to evaluate more rigorously, the MYOB Greentree modules they already have and also experiment with new ones without fear of breaking the ‘live’ system. Eric says he’s curious to learn whether the business could leverage more of the functionality provided in current and new modules and a test system, enables that process.

“Without doubt, Star Business Solutions have given us the peace-of-mind that business continuity is safeguarded whilst at the same time, revealing further return on investment benefits. Any weird questions we have always get answers, even if they have to contact MYOB Greentree themselves. Quite simply, we wouldn’t have got to where we are now without them”