Fleming Plastics Dynamics

"Star ran through the A-to-Z of what the software could do and everything they showed us was completely customised to our business. We felt it was a true representation of the product."

Tim Fleming
Managing Director, Fleming Plastics Dynamics Pty Ltd

Fleming Plastics Dynamics experience with ERP software vendors is a cautionary tale of ‘bigger is not always better’. Lured by the power of well know brands it wasn’t until they put Greentree into a head-to-head battle with SAP and Navision that the power of the latest generation of EPR software solutions became clear.

Download the pdfs below to learn more, if for no other reason but to prepare yourself to understand exactly how far tier 3 EPR software solutions have come and how some are putting many tier 3 EPR software solutions to shame. The key it seems to the ideal ERP software solution is ‘fit for purpose, out of the box.’