Toyota Design Centre

"We wanted to automate our processes across the board… making our business seamless and reducing the paperwork. We believe MYOB Greentree is the answer for us."

When Toyota Motor Corporation announced the creation of a Technical Design Centre for the Asia Pacific region, they chose MYOB Greentree and Star Business Solutions to help them breathe life into their vision.

Toyota Technical Centre Asia Pacific Australia Pty Ltd boasts a $47m state-of-the-art design centre in Melbourne employing over 150 people and housing some of the most creative automotive design engineers in Australia.

In order to meet the critical launch date, the management team at Toyota Technical Centre required a new business system to ‘go-live’ on 1st January 2005. Temporarily they had been using a system “to just get the work done and to manage the basic financial figures”, but a detailed selection process for a full business management system had been planned.

Starting with a ‘temporary system’ to just get the work done in the interim is certainly not uncommon. If you already know you are about to launch a large scale project that is going to need a flexible solution that can grow with it then why not bring us in during your early stages. Our tools can more than meet your early stage needs as well as transition with you to a full system when needed.

Finding the perfect co-driver?

Kim Crosher, Manager – Accounting and Finance, managed the selection process and looked at 10 different systems targeted at mid-sized businesses. MYOB Greentree was included in the initial review and was short-listed to a final three. “We had a thorough selection process to review our needs for the new business and delivered detailed criteria for the approval of our Australian and Japanese management,” Kim says. “MYOB Greentree was a 90% fit for what we wanted to achieve. There was a need for some modification specifically for our processes, which appeared easy to develop. [Which is why] we believe MYOB Greentree is the answer for us,”'

Engines ready at the start line

“Our other goals included improving month-end processing and our requisition process. Overall we wanted to automate our workload and get rid of time-consuming paperwork, especially with regards to raising purchase orders and paying invoices.”

Of particular importance was the ability for the management to get a better picture of how the business is performing. Kim explains, “We were looking for a strong job costing and project management, also we required flexible reporting and a system that would deliver good controls to manage all our payment processes. MYOB Greentree easily met these requirements.”

Ready, set, go!

The MYOB Greentree implementation project was split into two phases, with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets and Job Costing modules going live from the 1st of January 2005, and Payroll for MYOB Greentree and MYOB Greentree’s full CRM suite implemented in July.

Kim describes how Star Business Solutions executed the implementation project: “The training was rolled out as we put in the business rules behind the system to ensure the implementation and daily use of MYOB Greentree ran smoothly. We feel the system will continue to expand and evolve, and will be accessed by more staff as our recruitment process continues.”

Solutions on track

All the Toyota engineers based in Melbourne now have access to their own timesheets in the system, plus there are over 20 staff from the management and finance teams accessing the MYOB Greentree financial and job costing modules.

The MYOB Greentree Job Costing module, installed by Star Business Solutions, enables Toyota to manage the labour of the team of 35-plus engineers. “We need our engineers to time-report on their projects, and to collate and analyse labour costs and capture the hours worked. With over 35 engineers there is a high volume of data to process in MYOB Greentree. Plus MYOB Greentree allows our engineers to simply input their own time sheets in the system themselves.”

Post performance analysis

To meet the anticipated implementation deadline, the Star Business Solutions team worked closely with the team at Toyota Technical to deliver a flexible product and service offering. “The support team has been flexible and helpful when meeting our needs. They developed specific customisations that enabled the time reporting and time-sheets to be exactly how we needed them. So far the overall experience has been really positive.”