Technology has allowed organisations to collect data on almost every aspect of their business. The challenge for businesses has been to make sense of all this data.


Introducing BOARD software

Some technologies are so revolutionary; that they appear to be magic. BOARD software is such a solution, in fact until you have experienced the solution for yourself, you may think this level of responsiveness is beyond our current technical capabilities.

BOARD software allows people to use functions such as speech prompt and natural question enquires to deliver immediate business answers..


Advanced search analytics makes BOARD software completely intuitive

Imagine having the capability of asking your computer a question about the specifics of your business and receiving a machine-generated report. Imagine the time it would save and the benefits it could deliver for presentations and collaboration.

This is the promise of BOARD Software. BOARD’s new search analytics capabilities and Natural Language Recognition (NRL) capabilities allow business users, with no technical skills, to either type in or ask a verbal question of the software and receive a report in response.


Single source of truth for key business reports

BOARD Software delivers all your key business reporting in one simple, intuitive solution. Rather than access different software solutions or silos of information, BOARD Software provides you with Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics and data discovery on a single platform.

BOARD Software has been designed to breakdown walls in businesses, revealing what’s on the other side.


User self-sufficiency

BOARD software offers business owners the freedom to rapidly develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications with minimal IT Support.

Using the BOARD toolkit, users can deliver unrivalled agility in application building, customisation and maintenance.


The bottom line

Every business is looking to improve their efficiency and competitive advantages. For most businesses, the answers already exist in the current and historical business data. All they need to do is ask the right questions.

BOARD software makes asking the right questions and getting the right answers much simpler.


MYOB Greentree’s new SaaS licensing model

Star Business Solutions now provides a SaaS licensing and delivery model for MYOB Greentree ERP software, which has the product deployment name ‘MYOB Greentree as a Service’ or simply ‘GaaS’. GaaS offers the full functionality of MYOB Greentree software, in combination with a hosting, maintenance, security, backup and upgrades service.

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