ERP Software

ERP software has the potential of streamlining every aspect of an organisation. Star can demonstrate how the right ERP Software can help you integrate operations and business processes, dissolve information silos, reduce resource requirements and improving customer satisfaction levels.

Selecting the right ERP Software

On average, Australians have longer relationships with their ERP software solutions than their marriages, which is why it is important to select the right solution. The mistake most organisations make when selecting a new software solution is to choose the most well-known brands. Start by selecting the right implementation team. The right implementation team will ensure that your ERP Software is adapted to meet your current and future needs and can reduce implementation time and costs by as much as 50%, while reducing business interruption.

How Star differ from other ERP software vendors

Few ERP software vendors can claim they have played a direct role in the design and development of the software they deliver. Star can. Star is consistently one of the most highly awarded ERP software vendors in Australia and provides one of the most experienced and well-resourced teams in Australia.

ERP software solutions we offer