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MYOB Advanced Price Calculator

Why move to MYOB Advanced

Your business has grown in both size and complexity, and you need a solution that will take you to the next level. You know enough about your business to know there are more significant efficiencies to be had if you have the right information and the right technology to enable this transition. What you don’t know now is exactly how much further Star and MYOB Advanced can help you see.

From improved accounting, cash management and inventory management, to intuitive staff productivity tools, security and improved customer engagement, MYOB Advanced and Star can help you and your team realise your true potential.


Why Star Business Solutions?

Your business culture is unique. So is your team. So are your business goals. The Star team take the time to understand all of this, then use their team’s extensive experience and the flexibility of MYOB Advanced to create an ERP solution that has been customised to your needs.

Star’s scoping process is designed to help you build on your business and teams strengths and build bridges for gaps in business processes and communications. As your business continues to grow and adapt to new opportunities and market challenges, Star remains at your side as a trusted advisor, ensuring you are maximising the potential of your MYOB Advanced ERP solution.


Why a Cloud-based SAAS solution

Traditionally business software was hosted by a business. This required significant IT investments and support. MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based SAAS solution. This means that your solution is hosted offsite, on a highly secure server, and is accessible by any approved team member, via any web-enabled device. This means your people and your business can now be mobile. It also means you have the chance to improve your customer experience, through onsite engagement and through a secure web-accessible customer portal.

From an investment perspective, a SAAS (software as a service) solution reduces your up-front investment and removes software update costs. Your monthly MYOB Advanced subscription also allows you to change your subscription to reflect your current business size and complexity.


How do I start

Start by connecting with the Star team. Meet those who will be directly engaged in the design and development of your MYOB ERP solution. Have an obligation-free, confidential discussion and see if Star are the right fit for your business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.