Qlik Sense
Business Intelligence

Qlik Sense is ‘the’ next generation data analytics application. It’s designed to enable any approved member of your team to use data to make more informed decisions, regardless of their skill level.

Excel is a poor substitute for the powerful array of smart visualisation tools provided by QlikSense. Open Qlik Sense and watch your people take flight, using interactive selections and global searches to reveal truths about your business that had remained hidden.


You have a question. Qlik Sense has an answer.

With Qlik Sense, you can ask new questions and create analytics without ever having to build new queries or wait for the experts. QlikSense’s Associative engine indexes every possible relationship in your data, allowing you to gain immediate insights and explore in any direction your intuition takes you.


Think it. See it.

With Qlik Sense, all analytics update instantly with each click. No matter how deep you want to go, no matter which direction you take Qlik Sense will get you there instantly.


Simply smarter visualisations

With data, context is everything. Qlik Sense’s innovative visualisation puts your data in the right context to answer any question. Now you can explore the shape of data and pinpoint outliers. Qlik Sense’s advanced analytics integration and geographic calculation also allow you to broaden your insights. Pan, zoom and make selections.


Create and explore on any device

Why restrict your business intelligence to a desk? With Qlik Sense’s responsive mobile design and touch interaction, your people can access business intelligence from anywhere, at any time.


Make better decisions together

Business decisions should not occur in a vacuum. They need teamwork and different alternative perspectives to be fully informed. Qlik Sense provides a unified hub where your team can share analytics and stay connected. Now your decisions can be literally on the same page.


Peak Qlik Sense performance

Your new Qlik Sense is an incredibly powerful Business Intelligence solution, made even more powerful by the Star team. Star can help you optimise the functionality of your Qlik Sense, as well as empower your team on how to liberate business intelligence.