Cloud computing and SaaS for MYOB Greentree

MYOB Greentree's multiple licensing and hosting options mean you can have the next generation ERP software and run it your way - SaaS or standard licensing, cloud or On-premise hosting.


MYOB Greentree’s new SaaS licensing model

Star Business Solutions now provides a SaaS licensing and delivery model for MYOB Greentree ERP software, which has the product deployment name ‘MYOB Greentree as a Service’ or simply ‘GaaS’. GaaS offers the full functionality of MYOB Greentree software, in combination with a hosting, maintenance, security, backup and upgrades service.

GaaS allows you to access all of these services with a monthly subscription, hosted in a single tenant (personal), cloud environment. The benefit of MYOB Greentree’s SaaS solution is that you can increase and decrease the number of users on your ERP solution to reflect the changes to your business. Add more users as you need them. Remove users when they are no longer required.

Other MYOB Greentree licensing options

Until the introduction of MYOB Greentree’s SaaS solution, the standard form of licensing was a lifetime (in perpetuity) model. This model allows for the same flexibility in cloud or on-premises hosting and includes an annual maintenance and support fee.

With this model Star Business Solutions can discuss with you a range of support services, including security and backup. Star also provides a custom software development, which allows you to develop specific customisations for your business or integration of existing software solutions.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a system using a series of remote servers to store content or host software solution, for remote access. The benefits of Cloud computing is that it helps you ‘outsource’ many of your IT infrastructure costs.

The downside of Cloud computing is that it can be slower to access than something that you host yourself.

There is another option called ‘personal cloud storage,’ where you have either data or software hosted on a server that is dedicated to your solution, which still provides the benefits of a Cloud but with the potential benefits of improved access and security.

Star Business Solutions can assist you with a Cloud based MYOB Greentree solution that uses either a public or personal cloud computing model. Star also provides access to MYOB Greentree’s commended cloud hosting environment, AOD for MYOB Greentree.

On-premise hosting

Most organisations have traditionally preferred to host their ERP software solutions on their own servers. Although this approach is more costly from an IT infrastructure and maintenance perspective, it does have its benefits. For a start a locally hosted solution is generally faster, allowing staff to work faster and more efficiently. If however, many of your people are interacting with your back office in the field with mobile devices, then the benefits of a locally hosted solution may be diminished.

One of the benefits of working with an industry expert such as Star Business Solutions is their ability to assess your current IT infrastructure. This assessment can provide you with a strategy to maximise the efficiency of your MYOB Greentree ERP software, which in turn allows your people to work at peak performance.

So many choices. Where do you start?

The great news is that there are now more choices on how you license and where you host your MYOB Greentree software than ever before. To find which option best suits your organisational requirements, talk to the Star team today.