ERP solution sales implementation & support

We assist you through the entire process including scoping and determining your specific software and functionality needs. We don’t just sell the software and leave you to your own devices, we offer an ongoing business relationship to improve and optimise your business through improved software system utilisation.

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Software Sales

An experienced member of our Sales Team will sit down with you to discuss your particular software or system needs. They will draw on their collective wealth of experience in Business, Management, Accounting and Software systems to assist you in identifying requirements for the new system. Our Sales Team will never push you into a solution that isn’t right for you.


Software Customisation

The standard modules that we provide can be configured through inherent settings that accommodate for most requirements however, our abilities to customise and tailor do not end there. Star Business Solutions hold the source code, under licence, for the solutions that we offer. Consequently we can customise the software around our client’s business.



Our experience has shown that to obtain the most value from a business information system, the initial and ongoing training for users is of vital importance. That’s why we encourage training even when, in some cases, management are fully aware of the correlation between training and long term return on investment from their system, yet they are deterred by the cost of training.



Once your business solution has been decided upon or designed, we will typically install the system in a test environment. This gives our staff and yours a little time to play around with the new system. We will also use this ‘implementation time’ to ensure that the data has been migrated correctly and that the customised extensions are integrating with the standard modules seamlessly.


Ongoing Support

We have highly trained consultants whose specific purpose is to provide front line support and respond to clients’ requests or queries. Our Help Desk personnel are excellent trouble shooters equipped with the latest computer technology. The consultants who provide on-going support have a strong accounting and IT skill base and hold certifications for the packages they support.


System Reviews and Optimisation

We take a prescriptive approach to finding the right solution to your problem. Having completed hundreds of installations, we have confidence in our project manager’s appraisal of your requirements and their ability to find the optimal way to address them. Past experience shows this method achieves the desired outcomes in the most efficient and risk averse way.

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