Manufacturing Software for Mid-size Business

Increasingly, manufacturing is becoming more complex. Manufacturers need software solutions that allow for organisation wide integration to remain competitive. To survive, all manufacturers need to accept they need to be more flexible and responsive to ever-changing customer demands and expectations.

MYOB Greentree’s suite of Manufacturing modules has been designed to help Manufacturers meet customers current and future needs, by providing better forecasting, process management, quality control, accountability, flexibility, and visibility.


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Your MYOB Greentree Bill of Materials (BOM) module allows you to define the volumes and exact parts, components or materials you need to complete a production run. Equally, as important, this module allows you to predict how long a production run will take as well as all the associated costs. Your MYOB Greentree Bill of Materials module also provides you with a visual production planning board, allowing you to predict and avoid problems.

Because MYOB Greentree’s Bill of Materials module fully integrates with your MYOB Greentree ERP solution, you also have real-time access to physical and financial inventory status and a full range of configurable reports.

MYOB Greentree Factory Orders is an essential component in MYOB Greentree’s Manufacturing suite. MYOB Greentree Factory Orders allows you and your team to streamline and manage the assembly of products for ‘make to order’ and ‘make to stock’ manufacturing requirements, by identifying what materials are required and at what cost. This module is also designed to improve customer service levels through the identification of lead times and route planning. You can even factor in different priority levels to reflect relationships with each customer.

MYOB Greentree’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module enables you and your team to balance customer demands, accurately forecast and production plan with improved accuracy. This module is designed to seamlessly integrate with your MYOB Greentree ERP software, delivering improved visibility and efficiency of the process. MYOB Greentree’s MRP module provides flexibility to make last minute changes to a scheduled production run, without compromising your entire production process.

The MYOB Greentree Forecasting module uses historical sales data from your MYOB Greentree ERP solution, along with mathematical calculations and your peoples’ experience to forecast future inventory requirements. This module allows you to forecast taking into consideration seasonal fluctuations that drive business demands. MYOB Greentree Forecasting module allows for manual adjustments for unforeseen situations. Once the criteria are established, the MYOB Greentree Forecasting module takes over and automatically generates forecasts.

Quality control is crucial to a businesses success. If quality control is poor, you lose customers. Those customers then tell others of their experience. Your reputation suffers and so do sales. You experience more recalls and refunds increase. In short, poor quality control can be devastating to your business.

MYOB Greentree’s Quality Control module allows you to improve quality control by delivering a fully integrated quality control solution for your operational processes. MYOB Greentree’s Quality Control module can help identify problems before they reach the manufacturing process. This module can also allow you to integrate quality control testing at any point in your production process, providing your team with the capability of communicating and escalating problems and concerns before they reach your client or the consumer.


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“Our product is extraordinarily good and we want to take our quality assurance and inventory management model into the international marketplace. MYOB Greentree gives us that essential live visibility of everything we stock, wherever it is, which is fantastic.”

Peta Thiel

Technical Director, Activated Carbon Technologies

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